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Handbags and Poobags: Tales of a Soho Boxer Dog

  • Author:Alice Wright
  • Publisher:Alice Can't Cook
  • Category:eBooks
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  • Sales Rank:181,132
  • Format:Kindle eBook
  • Language:English (Published)
  • Media:Kindle Edition
  • Pages:246
  • Publication Date:May 1, 2012

Editorial Reviews:
“Handbags and Poobags.... and bags of laughs too! A love story with a twist in its very waggy tail. I think Alice Wright is really Bridget Bones! Forget Hugh Grant or Colin Firth though, her dog is a much better love interest (and he’s a proper Boxer!)
If you’re contemplating settling down with a good dog, read this first and if it doesn’t put you off then you’ll be fine. Already had your heart stolen by a dog? You’ll definitely recognise the dogification of your wardrobe, the permanent damage to your flooring and especially the gritty bed linen!
What a page-turner. I Loved it.”
Beverley Cuddy, Editor DOGS TODAY MAGAZINE

"Incredibly honest, genuine and captivating... a real life take on modern day doggie living. It is brutally honest yet heart-warmingly brilliant. A must for all animal fans."
Jessica Brown, PETS MAGAZINE

What happens when you drop a big, bouncing Boxer dog into the life of a glamorous girl about town? Alice Wright reveals all in her dog-memoir with a difference...

Alice's busy life consists of 'parties, premieres and private members clubs' and she loves it! She certainly doesn't want the responsiblity of a partner or a pooch but seems to end up with more than she bargained for in this very funny but incredibly personal memoir about modern dog ownership.

Set in the streets of Soho and the parks of North London HANDBAGS AND POOBAGS reveals why you should never wear a long cashmere scarf when poop scooping and how to hide a dog under a barstool and in the back of a taxi-cab.

A bit different from the traditional pet-memoir this warm, touching real life tale is full of embarrassing anecdotes and surprising discoveries as Alice realises that owning a dog changes not only her lifestyle but her life.

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